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Team OneFist and Cerberus OSINT

A Partnership for Victory


Team OneFist and Cerberus OSINT are comprised of international civilian volunteers from 8 nations (Ukraine, United States, Poland, Spain, Syria, Austria, Sweden and Germany) that work to oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine in cyberspace.Team OneFist was created with support from the IT Army of Ukraine, and supports them to this day in many areas.

A Story of Resisting Evil

In March of 2022 , with the help of the IT Army of Ukraine, Team OneFist was formed from international volunteers with the goal of helping Ukraine resist the Russian invasion and genocide via cyberspace. Cerberus OSINT was created before the war and has provided OSINT services to several western governments in times of war. The main goal of the combined group is to support the IT Army of Ukraine in cyberspace, and to provide Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) services to Ukraine. The number of team members is a closely guarded secret, but is very small in comparison to the IT Army of Ukraine which boasts more then 150,000 members. Team OneFist is not directly attached to the Ukrainian (or any other) government, and does not receive funding or support like the IT Army of Ukraine does. All equipment and software is self-funded or offered via donations.

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