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Team OneFist is an international group of cyber enthusiasts from 8 nations. We have engaged in the defense of the Ukrainian people from the enslavement and genocide being unleashed upon Ukraine by Russia. For 7 months we have self-funded our work, but is now exhausted. We have two broken laptops, not enough processing power and lack many key tools that are hindering our progress. We ask for your help to re-equip and strengthen our team, so that we can help ensure a Ukrainian victory.


The Challenge

Two of our laptops died which greatly hampers their fighters, and our subscriptions on critical tools like Shodan, Censys and Zoomeye are expiring (one already has). We have run out of capacity on our NVR system that we use for video cameras in the war zone that are critical, and we have reached the point where lack of certain software and capabilities are slowing us down significantly. Our savings are spent, my 401k is empty now and we do not have fall-back resources left. We need you help!

The Fix

Your generous donations will enable our team to keep fighting, and will arm us with faster computers and better software through which we can conduct this important work. In addition to bringing fighters back on-line, it will help with power and networking for the servers that must stay running. The renewed subscriptions and utility help will keep us going for 3 more months, and the new computer hardware and software will arm us with 2022 capabilities that we do not have today. It will allow us to support more war cameras for the front-line, and will literally help to save Ukrainian soldiers lives. The funding will also expand out open-source intelligence (OSINT) capabilities that Cerebrus OSINT provides, which will lead to more and better HIMARs targetting reports, intelligence reports on groups like Wagner, and other intelligence work for Ukraine that are too sensative to list.

The Thanks

All our financial transactions will be posted on our public Google accounting sheet and here, so everyone who donates can see their donation marked and will see where every dime goes. If the donations go over before we can close out the links, we will donate any overage to a public charity supporting Ukraine, and will post proof of that. Pictures and receipts of all purchased will be posted in out Blog. We will also post our work even more thoroughly than we already do, giving greater visibility into our work and how the cyberwar between russia and Ukraine is actually fought. We will be able to post more videos of live action, and give you a real sense of how your donations are being used. You will be able to see the laptops, computers and software in action. Lastly, we will open our Blog and website to respectful comments and feedback from our donors, for those who are able to donate $100 or more, and for those who have actively supported us on Twitter. Reach out to @Spoogemanghost on Twitter or send Email to with any questions that you might have. Thank you for your support!

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