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Defense of The Truth

Updated: Jul 1

1. Child Labor / Endangerment claim

The basis of this claim comes from the fact that Team OneFist has had 3 minors participate in our work in the past. For each of them, they started at 15 or 16 years old and we have permission from their parents for them to participate in the work. I literally held video interviews with them and their parents, where we discussed exactly what work they would be doing, ensured that they would not be doing anything immoral, and ensured that I alone am responsible for any action they took while working with us. We do our best to ensure that the minors do not do anything that could cause civilian casualties.

There was never a problem with any of our minors, they did their jobs well and have a lot to be proud of for their efforts in fighting for Ukraine. Our counselors protected them from internal issues, and they have all retired from the team after their tours with honor. The claims that we use 'child labor' are inaccurate, as our work is a volunteer effort, expectations are ever made to any of the fighters, and the work involves no payments or other incentives. Lastly, we can say that our young warrior, 'K' from Spain found one of the most important intelligence assets we ever found, and has a lot to be proud of.

2. Theft claim

Claims have been made that my co-commander and I have stolen donation funds, though no proof of any kind was presented to support this claim. We have prepared financial statements for our commanders, so that they can review and confirm that all money donated to us has been spent properly. The claim is ridiculous because our monthly costs to maintain the systems and licenses that support our work cost $1,200 per month. Going back a full year, that is $14,400 just for monthly costs so far, not counting the one-time costs of the two-laptops, and software license costs for our main server in Europe when we started. In truth, the costs are even higher, and have been entirely paid for by myself from my salary, 401k, stock options, and help from my mother (literally).

The financial statements show that we have taken in donations starting Sept 1st, 2022 through today that total less than $10,000 - meaning that we are in the red by more than $4,400 (in actual fact its more like $15,000 that I have had to personally invest into the team, but I do not need to prove that as our monthly costs alone exceed what we have taken in). Our commanders in Ukraine know how much I have had to spend, and have personally angered over it as they cannot help directly due to international laws not being fully-formed when it comes to criminal liability for the work we have done in Russia. We have never asked Ukraine for money either; they help us in other ways. Without proof of a theft claim, this charge is imaginary.

3. Womanizing claim

A claim was made by a former friend, that I have been an aggressive womanizer towards my co-commander, Sugar. This was based on an out-of-context conversation I had with this friend while I was on a vacation trip with Sugar's family (her, husband and daughter) in June. The claim was opportunistic and false, yet represents a very serious accusation against anyone. Sugar herself publicly tweeted confirmation that this claim is false, which says everything needed about the truthfulness of the accusation:

"Voltage did NOT try to take advantage of me sexually, romantically or otherwise when he was here visiting. I am happily married and will remain so."

11:42 June 25, 2023 105 views

The truth is that the direct messages used as proof that I am an aggressive womanizer came from a conversation on day 3 of my 8-day vacation with Sugar's family, and we parted company as good friends and trusted co-commanders after the trip concluded. For more than a week after the trip, we resumed our mission work and everything was business as usual, even better than before because we were able to cover many team-related business items while I was there. The claim that I violated her emerged after as part of a smear-campaign against me.

4. Operation Security claim

Some have accused us of having bad operational security, and used that argument as a basis to claim that I am an incompetent commander. No proof exists of these claims (that we are aware of). Despite months of researching and illegally doxxing actions by people against me, our chat servers have never been hacked. Our web server has never been hacked and none of our team has had their twitter accounts hacked. Lots of claims of operational security issues, but when Anonymous posted my personal information to the internet, they got key information wrong about me (though what they did is still highly illegal in my country).

Most importantly, none of our mission work has ever been leaked to the public. Without specific examples of egregious OpSec violations significant-enough to warrant my resignation from the team, have never been provided. Nonetheless a lie has propagated through the Anonymous community in which they claim that members of Anonymous came to OneFist multiple times to teach us about good OpSec, but it never happened once. No one came to us about it, no one offered help or proof of poor OpSec issues, and without proof that they did come and offer help, that allegation too, is a lie.

5. CISA Reports

The only argument that Anonymous has against me, which is possibly real, is the fact that I filed a CISA report with the US government regarding the actions of my ex-girlfriend. She is most-directly responsible for the witch hunt that took place against me. We had evidence that she was with a radical group that is wanted by authorities, and she is guilty of orchestrating the effort to post my personal information to the Russian government (something they bragged about and posted evidence of). She lied about being a methamphetamine user until after we met, and it was a deal-breaker for me. She became very bitter and resorted to revenge against me. She is in fact of such low character, that even her own mother fought against her in the custody battle for her kids (she can now only see them at her mother’s house under constant supervision), and admitted to my own mother that she was $16,000 behind in child support (at the time) as we were discussing how much it would cost with legal fees to try and get them back with my mom. You can draw your own conclusions, it was a very brief 30-day online, 6-day real life relationship that ended and should have never turned into a war, but that was her choice.

Initially I also included a statement about an event that had taken place that same day, in which an Anonymous group claimed to have attacked a water plant in Israel and set it on fire. I was particularly upset about this as the targeting of civilian infrastructure in an allied country to mine is a great offense to a cyber warrior who fights by the laws of war and only in Russia. I included no names as I did not know who from the group had conducted the attack. I was advised by a former Anonymous friend that it would not be a good idea to include the sentences about the Israeli water plant attack in the same CISA, so I filed a cancellation of the first and filed a second CISA which just discussed Holly's and her friend’s actions against me. I cannot prove that the first CISA was canceled, nor can I see the content of what I filed now, so I have no way to prove that I did not throw this particular group under the bus. As a result, they sought revenge upon me and doxxed my and my family's personal information to the Internet, and dropped the matter. I accepted this punishment, did not fight back, and cordially concluded the matter with the leader of that group. There is zero proof that I violated the Anonymous creed, and the matter is settled.

A Circus Trial:

Certain members of Anonymous opportunistically used the slander from my ex-girlfriend and out-of-context DMs with a friend of my co-commander, and attempted to make a case for my dismissal as a commander of Team OneFist I was never presented with the charges against me at the time. I was not even told why they were moving against me. I was not given any opportunity to provide my side of the story or evidence against the allegations. No investigation was done. Nonetheless, this individual proceeded directly to sentencing me, and the sentence was that I should resign and give Team OneFist over to Anonymous control (not joking). There is no Anonymous burn-notice against me (which happens when a formal investigation is done by Anonymous concluding that the individual should be attacked and/or not supported by Anonymous ever again), and thus without any formal sentence and no evidence, they attempted to assassinate my character and strip me of my command. My mother told me that it reminded her of Game of Thrones; High School Edition.

So no investigation, no trial, no defense, no proof that these allegations are anything other than imaginary, and not one single member of my team has expressed ANY concerns about my leadership. Every member on Team OneFist fully supports me, as well as both of my commanders. My Ukrainian commander found the notion that one of them could replace me as absolutely hilarious, and went on for some time about it. His comment was, "Reading and as if watching a movie directed by Guy Ritchie and Steven Spielberg." To be honest it reads more like a Rick and Morty episode with how ridiculous it is. I was never against Anonymous, and by my actions Anonymous was included in a BBC special about the cyber war in russia, I donated two unique tool systems that Anonymous did not have, I helped the collective in numerous efforts and was personal friends with my other members of RoughSec.

What happened is not humorous, it's tragic, as the Anonymous collective is spending too-much time attacking each other for perceived slights and not nearly enough time fighting for the causes they espouse to support. The Young Bloods of Anonymous should reflect on this and remember why they became Anonymous in the first place. I have become aware of a "round table" discussion about this circus trial, and it is my hope that they will use it to move past their desire for revenge, past their desire to destroy my command and focus their energies where it is needed most; their operational work.

Slava Ukraini!



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