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Forged In War

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Team OneFist withdrew from social media in the first months of 2023 as major changes were made. The pace in 2022 was grueling and we have no replacements, and our numbers fell as many had to go back to supporting their families as none of this work is paid. By December we had been reduced to just 5 active active members, and the team had to be reconstituted and retrained.

In January 2023 Team OneFist joined forces with Anonymous; with members of RoughSec, KiraSec, NAFO and students from Hackers Arise joining as well. The combined team of Cerberus OSINT, Team OneFist, Anonymous, and NAFO is three times as large as the 2022 roster and spans 8 nations from around the globe. Ukraine, Poland, the US, the UK, Spain, Mexico, Germany, and the Netherlands. We proudly support NAFO!

Our goals have remained the same from the first day of the war:

1. To cripple Russian war logistics.

2. To slow down the pace at which Russians can create war material.

3. To complicate and/or disable Russian telecommunications.

4. To use OSINT methods for creating Strike Requests for the Ukraine MoD.

5. To provide intelligence to the Ukrainian and allied governments.

6. To provide free consulting to the Ukraine government on cyber matters.

7. To inform on the work we can share, to show that we are fighting back.

We have sworn not to stop until all Ukrainian lands identified in 1991 by the international community have been return to Ukrainian government control, and all citizens taken from Ukraine into Russia are allowed to return back to Ukraine. Nothing short of this, as President Zelenskyy has said.

Expect much more reporting from us from now on, as we will have team members blog about the daily experiences we have now that full-scale operations with the new team have begun. The war criminal Vladimir Putin must answer for his crimes, along with all of those who committed war crimes against the Ukrainian people. Then and only then can there be peace.

Voltage of Team OneFist


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