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How will The first Cyberwar be remembered?

The counter offensive is in full force

and the Ukrainian army is taking back a lot of land. Things in the Cyberspace have also been speeding up from Onefist's 8 to 12 giant network attacks on Russian networks,

all the way to our always ongoing intel and OSINT work over at IIL. There are also bigger operations going on which we cannot publish yet.

After Ukraine has won, there will of course be research and history books about the Heroes on the battlefield like the people at Snake Island, and all the Fighters at the front lines.

However, one of the things that will also be studied is how Ukraine has defended and even attacked Russia in the cyberspace.

When the war started, a lot of western countries thought that Ukraine would go dark in a week and the war would not last long (so did the Russians). Ukraine showed their fighting spirit and power very early on, not just with the heroes defending the borders but with all their IT workers stepping up and defending their countries’ networks and systems, one of the biggest online movements ever started.

With so many people realizing what kinds of war crimes were happening in Ukraine, people started rising. The IT army of Ukraine was formed. Voltage created Team Onefist and started recruiting internationally.

The International Intelligence Legion was formed for activities from OSINT to social engineering. From there many more groups were formed inside of Ukraine and abroad.

No one in the world could have expected so many people to join the fight in cyberspace. The Russians were under constant cyber-attacks leading them to switching into a defensive posture, not being able to perform offensive cyber operations.

Still, there were groups like killnet and other small pro-Russia groups but never even as close to as big as the support of Ukraine.

In the future there will be many books and stories written about this war on the battlefield and in the cyberspace, because this war has truly been one of the first big cyberwars.

Here at Onefist we do our best to document the attacks we do, the way operations that are carried out, and the creation of many Cyberwar tools.

Most important is the way things work and operate during the cyber side of the war. The stress of some of the members, the toll it has taken on fighters, their personal lives and their mental health.

This pain will never be close to what the Fighters on the ground experience, but it is real and some members do struggle.

In the end these are all the things that will be talked about, documented, and studied after the war, because this truly is the first big scale Cyberwar.

Slava Ukraini



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