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Meet Our OSINT Expert and I.I.L. Founder

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Crazy to think how we’re nearing a year and two months into this thing. Time seems to be speeding by as we continue our work. The pressure is definitely on as the counter-offensive could come at any moment. I’m interested to see how the IIL (International Intelligence Legion) experiment will play out, a first of its kind organization used to crowdsource intelligence.

We know we’ll be encountering issues with Vatniks and RU intel, so we are testing our countermeasures in anticipation for it all. Use of artificial intelligence has become more prevalent among the team as we continue to experiment with its uses. The last step will be to finish integration between the IIL’s Discord and Telegram to link them both. No doubt we will have a rocky start but we know we have the well wishes and guidance of the Ukrainian government to propel us forward. As long as we can make even the slightest contribution to enhancing the safety and security of all our countries, we’ll call it a win, so far our wins have been mind boggling so far so here's hoping!



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