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Not Enough Hours In A Day

Being Cyber Commander and co-leader of OneFist is equal parts glamor and hard work. The prestige of the position gives me tremendous pride, but it's also a lot of work. I took a lot of administrative duties off of Voltage so he can focus on training and ops. So, what exactly do I do in a day? Let me walk you through...

After I've done my mom and wifely 'duties', its time to get to work. I start by checking my Discord servers and Telegram groups to catch up on the goings on while I was asleep. Some days I've missed quite a bit and some days, nothing exciting has happened. I always have messages either from individuals or in group chats, on both platforms. You'd be surprised at the sheer number of group chats I'm in. Voltage gets the first greeting of the day and we check in on each other and come up with a game plan for the day. Both of us have day jobs, (though I work for myself and therefor have more free time during the day than he does) so planning and time management are extremely important for us.

Once we've formulated a plan, it's time to get down to business. I greet the team on Discord and make any announcements or requests as needed. Then it's Twitter time. I run our official OneFist Twitter account along with my Sugar account. Thankfully, we don't get trolls or idiots so it takes a minute or less to check both accounts and respond if needed. That's probably the easiest part of my day. In addition to running our Twitter, I also manage the merchandise portion of our website. I fulfill all the orders from the print providers I use for both my online stores and dole out the funds. 100% of our proceeds go towards fighting the war. It's very important to Voltage and I that we use our store and donation funds go towards tools we need to help Ukraine.

I voluntarily took over the finances for the team, so I have a spreadsheet all set up to keep track of incoming and outgoing funds. I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to donation funds, since there are people within Anonymous and other groups that will ask for donations and then use the money for personal things. The team has viewing access to the spreadsheet and I've stated that I'm absolutely okay with the public viewing it as well (minus donor information for privacy). Transparency is the name of the financial game.

On rare occasions there are little 'fires' to put out, but most of the time, the team runs smoothly. If time allows, Voltage and I get on a call and discuss what we need to do, what's been done, and what our current priorities are. We work very well as partners so we always get a lot done when we're on call. Insert mom duties, kickboxing, and 'wifely' duties and it's time to stream. I wish I could reveal what we do when we stream at night, but then I'd have to kill you. Until next week...



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