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OSINT In Cyber War

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

When the war in Ukraine Started there were many hackers and hacktivist groups that wanted to help Ukraine in the war and put their skills to good use. For some of these people there were hacks on ISP’s and for some SCADA/ICS systems, but there is also a different field. The field of information gathering through open-source intelligence or OSINT. This was anything from locations through satellite images, to using Shodan or Censys to find open IP cameras, SCADA monitoring systems and vulnerable government/military systems. There have also been actions as leaking information about government war related officials and some of the biggest ones are the tracking of planes and Air-traffic control, and naval tracking such as Illegal weapon shipments but also the moving of war fleets (this is a lot harder because sometimes they don’t show themselves on radar or without banner (or a fake banner). A good example of this is China's fleet. In China there are fishing boats that are paid to have military ship banners used for intimidation and confusion. So, in a world where everything is online, and information can mean life or death OSINT can be the most important fields in a war.



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