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Restart in Public

It has been many months since we posted updates here about our work, though the amount of cyber work we do has increased. We are now prepared to being posting again, though the operational details that we can share are very limited. None the less there are many other aspects of the cyber war that we can openly talk about here on our blog.

There have been changes over the course of the year that helped us to become more efficient, more focused and more successful. Team OneFist works in lock-step with the International Intelligence Legion (IIL) using a distribution of tasks appropriate for each group, and also supporting one-another. We work as proactive cyber groups focused on the defense of Ukraine, and fighting against the invasion, ecocide of Ukrainian land, genocide of the Ukrainian people and enslavement of Ukrainians inside russia.

We are ethical cyber warriors that use Internet tools and resources to perform our work, which I cannot precisely describe here without giving-away the game, but we can say a few things; All of the missions we do are assigned by Ukraine, and we have much more work than we are able to accomplish. All of the work we do is ethical, and we stay inside the boundaries of russia and Ukraine in all cases. We take great care to avoid critical civilian infrastructure like hospitals and water supplies, and submit reports to Ukraine regularly with vulnerabilities we find in Ukraine that must be fixed to avoid their use by russia. We never use tools like ransomware nor steal money, even from russians.

Our target remains the same since our first day in the cyber war; the russian war machine, and all logistics that support it. Our theory is that by damaging russian war logistics, we starve the russian army of supply and capability, so that Ukrainian soldiers face a weakened enemy. In this way we strive to fight the war as ethical cyber warriors, and hope to help define a model of proper and successful cyber warfare practices.

We come from 8 nations, our number is not published, but larger than ever before. We still spend every day and night at the work, building up our capabilities and resources. Last week we launched our 10th server, with some pics of the setup at my place. Below is the Acharn server core, built up in one of our bathrooms where I have a custom air circulation system to keep them cool. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts and will enable both teams to work with a common set of OSINT tooling.


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