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The Human Factor

As you can tell we are very late on updating the blog. This is my fault (voltage) due to a combination of health issues that arose after covid combined with my on-call week at my day job (where I am responsible for thousands of servers, and that keeps me extremely busy, one week out of every five). These factors combined with stresses from the funding campaign not reaching the level of support I had hoped for and spy issues to decimate my time last week.

Going forward you will see many more updates here. I am hoping to Blog every single day on where we are and what is happening in the war from our perspective. The donations have reached ~4,500$ which helped keep one of our top memebers going, armed us with new software for the work (will detail in a new blog post) and will soon be enough to get our OSINT group better equipped (all per the budget sheet, which will get updated today also).

I will begin today and will catch-up on all promised updates.



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