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The Truth

Updated: Jul 1

For several weeks now a group of Anonymous with support from one of the bigger names, have been attacking Voltage and Team OneFist. Their reasons are based on allegations made by several Anonymous following the ending of our collaboration between OneFist and Anonymous. None of the allegations made against Voltage are true, and no concrete evidence was ever provided to back-up the allegations.

It became clear that this was about ego and power when Anonymous began demanding that Voltage resign from Team OneFist and to turn the group over to Anonymous control. No investigation with Voltage was done, no defense was allowed, no proof of the allegations was provided, Voltage was never even shown the list of alleged crimes. Yet a specific sentence was demanded? Is this Game of Thrones!? Yet these Anonymous have been attacking and publishing the personal information of Voltage on-line. A judgement and punishment without proof.

The damage to Team OneFist was real. The team was integrated with Anonymous at the time, and roughly half of the team was Anonymous (the new members). This action by Anonymous took place exactly when the Ukrainian counter-offensive was getting under-way (without 2 days). Without any consideration of what decimating Team OneFist would have on our effectiveness during the counter offensive, Anonymous black-mailed SugarNSpice, one of our commanders, into leaving Team OneFist along with the rest of the Anonymous cyber warriors.

The attacks on Voltage were a massive distraction as his entire family, including his children, we're doxxed to the public without any care of the consequences. Anonymous carried out a viscous defamation campaign against Voltage, and the impact to our effectiveness during the initial planned counter-offensive missions was real. With a half-strength team and its only remaining leader under fire, we did out best, but it was not enough. Those who carried out these actions against Team OneFist's commanders have Ukrainian blood on their hands, and they did not even have proof of the allegations for which they committed these acts.

This Blog entry was written for historical purposes, as only 3 of the 6 missions that were planned for the counter offensive were able to be launched, and historians will have to judge what the impact was (or was not) to the war effort by Anonymous actions against Team OneFist. We will not try to speculate on that here, as we are busy continuing to fight with the counter offensive on new missions that were given to us by Ukraine. We have written-up our defensive stance against these allegations, and will post it in the next blog entry so that you can judge for yourselves.

We are here to right the russian aggression against Ukriane, nothing more and nothing less. Team OneFist will not engage in any of these foolish defamation attacks against our commanders, as there is no benefit for doing it and Anonymous cannot get anyone fired from Team OneFist unless they physically assassinate him.

Slava Ukraini!

Team OneFist


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