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The Winter Cold

Its cold outside. In the darkness the cold is somehow colder, as if even electrical light somehow provides warmth like the rays of the sun. They don't of course, the knowledge that power will come back within 15 or 17 hours does though. The best way is to get moving and working, there is nothing else to do. Victory will come, but not before the Ukrainian people face-off against General winter at home and at the front. It is not Easier for us than it is for anyone else to survive freezing-cold weather, as this winter is cold in so many more ways than a usual winter.

The cold of winter has an enemy of it's own this year, in the form of vladimir putin. For the cold would not be difficult to survive on its own in normal times. With the power out on the direct orders of one evil man however? That makes the cold easier to hate, as the cold becomes synonymous with putin. It is because of him that people become cold, as he represents enslavement, rape, murder and endless pain. The cold this winter is filled with the silent voices of thousands upon thousands of slain Ukrainian civilians, buried on ground covered in snow.

What irritates me about the media that I listen to in the west is this constant propensity for people to assume that the war will stop because of the winter. Perhaps from warm, lit homes in nations that are not being invaded by those intent on annihilating your people and culture, it would seem a sensible thing to do to just hunker down in heated bunkers until the spring. These people need to close their eyes for a moment and put themselves in Ukrainian shoes.

Right now the Orcish army is depleted of supplies, fresh troops and in most cases WWII-level equipment, though not always. Ukraine on the other hand is doing better with donated and home-built equipment and better supplies, more troops that are fresh and well-trained (though we still need equipment for many). At this moment in time Ukraine has the chance to liberate more enslaved communities, and stopping them near Bahkmut and in the donbas, as well as taking back Zaporizhzhia to prevent them from creating a nuclear disaster in Europe and eventually Crimea.

If you are standing in your imaginary Ukrainian boots as a soldier or worker at any level, and you know that in the spring this evil man, putin, is going to attack you harder if not pushed back to their 1991 internationally-recognized borders, would You stop fighting? Would the cold stop You from ending the rapes and murders and deportations of your neighbors and countrymen and women? A desire to finally be free of russian domination is something that gets us up in the morning, keeps us going during the day and lets us sleep at night so we can do it again tomorrow.

The winter is cold, and we still need your support to win. You have given much to Ukraine in support of freedom, and every dime spent is money that you absolutely know is going to help us win back the freedom we voted-for in 1991. You are saving a nation of 40+ million people from annihilation, and when this is over, you will have friends forever. We do not forget those that support us, and a free Ukraine will be a powerful ally in the decades to come. Thank You for your donations to ours and every Ukrainian cause right now, in our hours of need.

Thank You and Slava Ukraini!


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