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Waiting On The War To Change

I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it's been waiting for the counteroffensive to begin. I to can't go into details, but when the Ukrainian Military is ready to advance, then it's go time. I'm excited to participate, but I have a lot of stress and anxiety about what will happen next. The goal is to retake Crimea and hold down Bahkmut, which I fully believe is possible, but the aftermath is what I'm most concerned about. Putin is unpredictable and incredibly hard headed, so using nukes is very much a possibility. I can't even imagine what would happen to Ukraine and the rest of the world. It's fucking terrifying. As ready as I am for the CO to begin, I'm very worried as well. I hope beyond hope that Ukraine retakes Crimea and I can speak for millions of people across the globe when I say that I'm rooting for Ukraine to be victorious.

We'll end up playing a very important role when the counter offensive finally begins. It'll be a hectic few days for myself and the entire team. I'm psyched to see our newest recruits in action. They've already blown me away with the work they've done thus far and the CO hasn't even begun. I'm eager to see what our orders will entail and I really hope we're able to rise to the challenge and do our part as directed.

Enough rambling, next time I post, it'll be to share news of the counter offensive. Wish us luck! Slava Ukraini!



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