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What Was It Like To Join Team OneFist?

Hello I am Jerr, and a little while ago I joined Team Onefist.

It all started when a year ago I was talking to a Ukrainian refugee at the gym. We were talking about our lives and where we came from and after having a heartbreaking conversation about the war, we got to the point of him going home. At this point he started to tear up a little looked me in my eyes and said Jerr there is no home to go back to. This stuck with me for weeks, months and after that moment and hearing many more stories like this I realized I wanted to help I wanted to fight!

I did not have the finances to donate to the people of Ukraine, What I did have were skills in IT and hacking! For a long time, I was looking for ways to help the people of Ukraine until I found a tweet that said “Team OneFist is looking for talented hackers for upcoming missions. Please fill out an application”. That is when I knew This was my chance, my chance to make a difference to help the people of Ukraine who have been terrorized by Russia.

So, without thinking for a second I applied. I had an interview. I was nervous, however that feeling went away when I met some of the most passionate and amazing people ever. Since that point I have been able put my skills to amazing use even as a beginner you can be of great use to Team Onefist. There are some awesome people in this group, and everyone is incredibly passionate about helping Ukraine and learning. This team gave me hope and purpose for the people of Ukraine but also for me as a person.

If you want to help the people of Ukraine and put your IT, forensics, OSINT, or Hacking skills to good use. Come and Join Team Onefist!



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