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3rd Squad

The BBC article has drawn new interest from volunteers, and as 2nd Squad comes off the line for some long overdue R&R, it is time to being a new squad for Team OneFist.

Our team is entirely devoted to fighting against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and has done so consistently since March, 2022. Over that time we have developed a level of trust with the government ministries of Ukraine that took enormous effort and proof over the last two years. As such all of the work we do are requests for help to us from them, and every one of our missions are intended to have real-world effects on all aspects of Russian war logistics.

Given the above, our vetting process is necessarily strict, with assistance from our friends in Ukraine to ensure that spies do not pass vetting. The process includes:

1. First joining us in a discord voice chatroom so that we can interview and get to know one another and talk about the work.

2. If things look like a good fit and you wish to join, you would need to share pictures of front/back of your photo ID with Havoc (only), who can validate its authenticity. No one else will have that.

3. Second joining a private discord video chatroom with Havoc, where you can wear a half-mask if you wish (or not) as long as you and he can see eye to eye for about 5 minutes. The video will be kept private forever.

4. Joining with the other initiates on our OneFist server to meet the team and get to know everyone, and join the fight!

This process is more strict than most hackers are comfortable with, and we understand and appreciate that. We ask that you also understand and appreciate why we have to be this strict in our vetting, as it is a requirement by the Ukrainian government given what we are responsible for. If this is not comfortable, we thank you for considering us! We do not want to make anyone uncomfortable, and we are not able to change this policy for any reason.

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