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Letter of Gratitude from Ukraine

Our teams (OneFist and the International Intelligence Legion) have been very busy in 2024. We have not been able to post much of our work to the public due to operational security rules. Recently some of those rules have been relaxed, such that we can post mission work that is now history and will not be of use in the future. We will make blog posts for some of that work soon. For that work and all of our previous work for Ukraine, we were awarded with a letter of gratitude from Ukraine.

I did not translate it because the Ukrainian does not always translate correctly today, and I know it will get better over time. You are free to use your favorite translator, Google Lens does a fair job. We are enormously proud of having received it, and it inspires us to higher action in our war against Communist Russia. We will never stop nor yield until Russia leaves Ukraine's 1991 UN-Defined borders and all captives are returned.

Team OneFist and IIL


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