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Operation Energy Union

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Another victorious night raid! This time, against the holding of an infamous "philanthropist".

We exposed and successfully conducted a cyber raid on the core business server of JSC "Energy Union" (e-union . ru). This "bare metal" server was supporting all of the company's VMware VMs, which are critical for business operations. Thanks to a bad configuration, we were able to gain admin access, where we swiftly bricked it by blocking all incoming connections and forcing a shutdown.

E-Union is an firm dedicated to attracting foreign investment into Russia, particularly into the energy sector, which already makes it a strategic target for us. More interestingly though, it's general director is Arkady Evstafiev. A KGB silovik, key player in the "Xerox affair" where he was caught taking $538,000 in dirty money, suspect in the murder of the journalist Listyev, fingered in the Panama Papers, and sponsor of Russian propaganda in occupied Crimea. Tonight, we have made him feel the fist of Ukraine!

Слава Україні і всі героям слава! 🇺🇦☢️👊


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