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Catching Up, Moving Out!

Now that all cyllinders are firing again, we are working to catch-up with our posts and media about the war. We are so incredibly thankful for the early donations in our funding drive that we want to give back more to you, our donors and supporters alike, with more in-depth stories and reporting about the cyber war.

In this way we can offer a better insight into what is really happening behind the scenes and why we do the missions we end up reporting. We want to share more of the human element to the fight, and why things happen the way that they do, the challenges we face and the victories we celebrate.

To this end I will be blogging every day at least one war story about what is happening, or something that has happened durign the war. I have some early diary stories to share as well, and in this way you will be able to understand who we are, what we are doing, and why fight. Thank you for your continued support, and plase share our site to others!

Today we will report on two operations that happened just yesterday, one against a gas-station complex and another against power SCADA infrastructure - stay tuned!

Team OneFist


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