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Announcement!! I have an organization announcement!! I have decided to promote Sugar to the rank of Cyber Commander of OneFist! This effectively makes her my co-commander of OneFist, and is something she has well earned. In fact she is already doing the job, as I have delegated over half of the work that I normally have to do to her already. This is the very reason why I was able to finish the movie and focus on media again, as many of the tasks that were overwhelming me started getting done by Sugar without having to ask.

This does not mean that Sugar is above our top hackers in terms of skill or reward or anything like that. It means she is helping to manage the team and handle the same tasks that I have had to do alone up to now. When it comes to authority though, she does have the same responsibilities as I do, the same hardships of dealing with media and people and fights and politics and legal matters and all of it. She handles the accounting for the team as well, so her contributions are beyond massive and yet very transparent up to now.

Sugar has a BA in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and an MS in Criminal Justice/Crime and Intelligence Analysis, as well as accounting and extensive skills in social media, on-line web sites, managing projects, and has a deep commitment to saving the Ukrainian people from terrorist Russian nation. It is hard to understate how critical her role in the group has become, and this promotion acknowledges that error and positions the team for future growth.

Having an Anonymous co-commander of OneFist, will also allow us to bridge any divides between our core groups. She is not above Havoc either, as Havoc runs our International Intelligence Legion (all OSINT), and this is his shop 100%. This allows each of our founding groups to have someone in command, and in that way we will always have someone to go to that can communicate with the core groups. Please congratulate her and support her in this new role, as it benefits every one of us and allows our team to grow further than possible before.

Voltage of Team OneFist


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