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Teenage Life In Ukraine

Hello, I'm Astral from Ukraine. I grew up in the most western region of Ukraine, Transcarpathia.I speak Ukrainian, Hungarian, Russian, and English, of course.

My day starts at 6 am; after managing to wake up after 6 alarms, I usually lay for 10 more minutes before my brain starts working properly. After booting my brain up, I go and take a shower. Once coming out from the bath I head to my room to find some clothes to wear.

Then I'm going to the kitchen to make myself breakfast because I live alone. My common breakfast is a Hungarian dish called Bundas Kenyer and coffee. Bundas Kenyer is a traditional Hungarian dish that is a savory version of French toast. It can be prepared with various types of sliced bread that are coated in eggs, then pan-fried until crispy. Once breakfast is done, it's time to get dressed and ready for school and head to the bus station. My bus comes at 8:10 am and leaves at 8:15 am. A ticket costs 35 UAH ($1 USD).

I need like, 30 minutes to arrive at the school bus station.When i arrive, I immediately start running to my school cause I'm already late.Then I suffer because we have 8 classes every day and leave at 3:15 pm.

When I leave my school, I go for a walk with friends. We're walking around the city until 4 pm and after that I walk 5 km's to my gym.I start working out at 4:30 pm. I'm 60 kg's and I dead lift 130kg's 2 times; that's my record. I bench 80kg 3 times. After making my muscles suffer I leave the gym at 6:30 pm and head to a shop to buy something to eat. After shopping I walk 5 km's again I meet my friends and we go for a walk. At 7:20 pm I'm heading to my bus stop and wait until the bus comes. The bus usually comes at 7:30pm or 7:50pm; it takes 40 minutes to finally arrive at my house.

After arriving, I'm taking a shower again and then I start cooking dinner for myself. (send me a cook please) After making and eating my dinner I head to my room to finally lay down and chill on my phone or PC. A lot of times we have missions and work to do with OneFist.

And finally, when I'm tired (usually 11pm) I go and sleep.



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