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The Orc Mind Tools

Today is a glorious day for Ukraine in the cyber-war, as a new arsenal of tools is now ready to carve Orcland into tiny bits; the Orc Mind Tools, v1.3!

These tools take packet captures of all live traffic going through routers, downloads them and processes them into voice calls, emails, username/passwords, certificiates and messages. Any credentials found are automatically sent to our social media server for immediate review. Voice calls, images, messages and files are re-assembled for analysis.

With these tools, we hope to help shorten the war by digging in deeper than we ever could before. We have shared these with ITAU, and once the code is cleaner and includes support for Caen and Able (so everyone can use it), we will break every door, learn every secret and help to shorten the war!

Slava Ukraini!


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